about me (patricia olivia)

hi everyone!
my name is patricia olivia, you can call me patricia. i’m 12 years old. i’m study at 255 junior high school. my hobbies are singing and playing guitar. my favorite singer are one direction and christina perri. my favorite colours are purple and red.


About me (Sarah Afifah)

Hi, Everyone!
My name is Sarah Afifah, you can call me Sarah. I live in Penggilingan kp.pisangan Rt 18 Rw 05. Im a student in 255 JHS. I went to 09 Elementary School. I like eating soup. My hobbies are study Math and waching tv. My favorite singer is One Direction. My favorite colour is Red

All about me (Rasfi Dwisa)

Hi all ! I’m Rasfi Dwisa , you can call me Rasfi. I study at 255 jhs grade 7.8 . My hobbies swimming , singing , and modelling. I wanna be a doctor. My favorite food is Rendang. My favorite colour is purple.

I have one brother and I think my brother very handsome. He is 17 years old. Now he study at 71 senior high school. His hobbies are futsal and tennis. His favorite football team is chelsea


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About Me (Meidiana Salsabila)

Hi friends ! My name Meidiana Salsabila, you can call me Caca. I am a grade 7 at 255 Junior high school.Before in 255 JHS, I went to school in 05 Elementary school. I’m 12 years old. I live in Pondok Kelapa.I don’t have brother and sister. My hobbies writing, drawing, and reading. My favorite food are fried rice and noddle. I like drink tea and milk. I was born in 5 May 2001. My favorite colour are white, purple and pink. Thank’s for reading my profile. I’m sorry if i have a mistake. ☺

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About me (Tarra Parlita)

Hello everyone ! I’m Tarra Parlita. I’m 12 years old. I study at 255 junior high school. I like swimming , singing , and jogging. My favorite food is chicken noodle. I have a pet at home that’s a cat. I love my cat. Cause, it will be with me when I’m alone :D. My favorite city is Paris :D. Cause in paris there is Eiffel Tower.
Singing is my favorite hobbies, cause I can express my mood :D. My favorite singer are Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan , The Beatles , and other. My favorite song is Yesterday from The Beatles , Perfect from Simple Plan , Beautiful from Carly Rae Jepsen , and other. My favorite TV show are GLEE. My favorite GLEE player are R.I.P Cory Monteith , and Lea Michele.
You can follow my Twitter @tarraparlita
That’s a part about me 😀 thanks to reading all !
I’m sorry if I have a mistakes everyone 😀